Dallas Neighborhood Information:

Dallas Neighborhoods:


Uptown:   Uptown Link

The Uptown area of Dallas is loosely described as the neighborhoods just north of downtown.  Turtle Creek, State Thomas, Katy Trail, West Village and the McKinney Avenue areas comprise Uptown. 

The Turtle Creek neighborhood contains most of Dallas’s upscale high-rise condos as well as large gated townhomes scattered along a beautiful stretch of Turtle Creek between downtown and Highland Park.  Turtle Creek has a sophisticated, yet relaxed atmosphere.

State Thomas is another neighborhood just north of downtown which is primarily composed of elegant townhomes and lofts.  The atmosphere is that of a European walking neighborhood with restaurants, parks and shopping all available within the neighborhood.  State Thomas borders McKinney Avenue where the McKinney Avenue Trolley Line can take residents along its run into the downtown Arts District.

The West Village, Katy Trail or Travis Street area, as well as the McKinney Avenue neighborhoods offer a relaxed, informal, walking lifestyle with a youthful vigor.  Highrises, townhomes and luxury apartments predominate, mixed with restaurants and all of the other amenities of a true in-town experience.  West Village’s sidewalk cafes and restaurants are located at the southern end of the area and Old Highland Park Village anchors the northern end.   The Katy Trail bike and walking trail joins the neighborhoods with Highland Park.

The Park Cities:  Link for the Park Cities

The small independent towns of Highland Park and University Park comprise the Park Cities.  The area has long been known as Dallas’s premiere residential area as well as one of the nation’s ten best places to live.

Tree lined streets, beautiful parks, its proximity near downtown and a public school system that has consistently placed as one of the top 10 school districts in the country, identify the Park Cities.

The lifestyle is relaxed, secure and family oriented.  School aged kids are everywhere as are joggers and bike riders.  On pleasant days, people feed the ducks and geese in the parks along Turtle Creek or walk the meandering stone paths and bridges that connect the different areas of the parks. 

Shopping in Highland Park Village is upscale and elegant.   Inwood Village and Preston Center offer everything from trendy shopping to exclusive designer showrooms.  All amenities are close at hand.

Oak Lawn:   Oak Lawn Link

The Oak Lawn area is just north of downtown on the west side of Highland Park.

The area’s homes can best be described as a trendy mix of highrises, townhomes and older single family homes in a very active mix.  The diverse area is undergoing gentrification with many of the older homes and neighborhoods rapidly changing to upscale townhomes developments shopping centers and offices.  Several beautiful single family neighborhoods remain intact and are expected to remain so even with all of the surrounding development.

The lifestyle is lively and quirky.  Residents and office workers enjoy an abundance of excellent restaurants and nightclubs both within the area and in the downtown area which is available just across the bridge.

Lakewood:  Lakewood Link

 Lakewood is a beautiful older neighborhood situated in rolling hills on the western shores of Whte Rock Lake, northeast of downtown.  Central Lakewood dates from the twenties and has both small and very large homes on rolling lawns built by some of the country’s most famous architects of the period.  Hollywood film makers frequently film in the neighborhoods of Lakewood when they need accurate examples of 1920’s Mediterranean or American Tudor style homes and neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods tend to have a mix of young couples in the smaller homes and young families in the larger homes.  Most of the children in the area go to private schools although many attend Lakewood Elementary in their early years.  The neighborhood’s east side adjoins White Rock Trail, an extensive bike and jogging trail that wraps around the lake and extends north several miles.

The lifestyle is family and community oriented and there is a great deal of pride in the quality of life in the neighborhood.  Older homes tend to be remodeled and updated maintaining their architectural style rather than torn down and replaced.  The neighborhood honors its history and character and the residents have a sense of permanence of home.

“M Streets”:  M streets Link

The “M Streets” area is an eclectic mix of homes dating from the twenties through the sixties with an occasional larger new home thrown in.  The neighborhood is wonderfully shaded with ancient pecan and oak trees everywhere.  Because of its close proximity to downtown, as well as SMU, the area has been very popular for a very long time especially with the college age group and young professionals.

The lifestyle of the “M Streets” varies from the party crowd along Greenville Avenue, to the relaxed life of in-town retirees.  The distance you live from Greenville Avenue usually determines your lifestyle, and how late you’ll stay up at night on weekends. The “M Streets” is not known as a family neighborhood although there are many families with young children in the area.  Most kids go to private school above the elementary school level.

Greenway Parks:  Greenway Link

Greenway Parks is on the west side of the Park Cities separated by the North Dallas Tollway.

The area was designed by architect David Williams in the late thirties to be another “Parks” city.  The neighborhoods are characterized by their having large wide parks or “greenways” behind each home.  Essentially, every home in Greenway Parks has two fronts; one facing the street and the other facing the beautiful parkway.  It is a truly wonderful concept that has gotten better with age.

The neighborhood is very family oriented although most kids will attend private schools from the first grade on.

Devonshire:  Devonshire link

Devonshire is an older 50’s neighborhood of smaller post-war homes on the west border of The Park Cities.  The neighborhood has become a Mecca for young professionals who work downtown, due to its easy access to the North Dallas Tollway, a principal route into the city.

The neighborhood is walking distance from Inwood Village, one of the premiere shopping centers of Dallas.  The lifestyle is relaxed, professional and family oriented although most of the children in the area are below school age.

Although most of the homes in the neighborhood are small, as home prices have gone up, several quite large new homes have been built in the past few years on the small lots.

Preston Hollow:  Preston Hollow Link  

The Greater Preston Hollow area is one of the most desirable and beautiful areas of the city.  About nine miles north of downtown and just north of The Park Cities, Preston Hollow is characterized by large yards and tree shaded streets.  Originally, the area was intended to have a slightly rural character with medium size ranch style homes on larger lots as well as large estates.  Since the late 80’s, area residents have been replacing the medium size homes with very large homes nestled within the tall tree canopy.  At the present time, the area is almost 50% rebuilt with homes built within the last decade or so.

In East Preston Hollow, or the “fairway”, the lifestyle is affluent, relaxed and family oriented.  The number of children per household is not high and most kids will go to one of the several private schools in the area, or to boarding school. 

Old Preston Hollow west of Preston Rd. is characterized by very large estate homes of several acres sitting on winding, tree-shaded  roads.  The lifestyle is that of the very wealthy.  This area has the lowest population density in the city and the highest income level in the state.

The homes of Preston Hollow have been designed by the some of finest architects in the world.  Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Meier each have significant examples of their residential work within the area, as do many other notable architects. 

Addison and Far North Dallas:  Addison Link

Addison and “Far North Dallas”  are the areas just north of the perimeter ring road,  Hwy 635, or the LBJ Freeway. 

Addison is primarily a commercial retail area with wonderful shopping, highrise offices and an in-town airport.  The area’s housing varies from zero lot single family homes to highrise condos and large homes.  The area is affluent and active with some of the best restaurants in town.

The primary appeal of Addison is the shopping.  Exclusive designer furniture is available along Alpha Rd. which also ends at the Galleria, one of the premeire shopping malls in the area.  Shopping along the North Dallas Tollway and Preston Rd. make the area a destination for shoppers from all over the state.

North Addison at the juncture of The North Dallas Tollway and Frankford R., has the wonderful residential neighborhoods of Bent Tree and Oaktree as well as several other gated communities.  Bent Tree and Oaktree are neighborhoods of larger executive homes on small streets dating from the 90’s.  The neighborhoods have the advantage of being within the Plano School District’s most desirable schools.

The lifestyle is suburban and family oriented.  Easy access to downtown as well as the North Dallas Business Corridor make the neighborhoods very desirable for executives and professionals. 

North Dallas between Preston Road and Hwy 75 is primarily residential.  The homes vary from moderately priced ranches to larger executive homes.  The lifestyle is family oriented with residents taking advantage of the excellent schools of the Richard School District.  Brentfield, Mohawk, Bowie and Prestonwood elementary schools rival the schools of Highland Park.  Parkhill Junior High and Pearce Senior High allow area kids to attend excellent public schools throughout grades 1 through 12.

Richardson:   Richardson Link

Richardson occupies the area between HWY 635 and the outer ring toll road, HWY 190, east of Addison and Far North Dallas.  The Richardson area has a diverse lifestyle of low and moderately priced residential neighborhoods, light manufacturing, wholesale distribution centers and retail squares.  It is a wonderful area in which to find a starter home in an established neighborhood with good schools.

Richardson is home to the University of Texas at Dallas and the Silicone Prairie’s Telecom Corridor, home to many of the country’s advanced technology businesses.  These technology-based companies fuel Richardson’s economy and are the primary employment for the area.

The homes in Richardson range in age from those built in the 1960’s, to small infill neighborhoods of homes built in the 90’s.  Ranch-style homes of all sizes, predominate.

Richardson in general, is tending to gentrify as the residents of the older neighborhoods retire and move.  The younger generations moving into the area are repairing the older homes, keeping their original character.  The more desirable areas of Richardson tend to be on the west side of HWY 75, but, the area of northeast Richardson around Sherrill Park and the far northeastern neighborhoods along Renner Road, are some of the most reasonably priced neighborhoods with excellent newer homes.

Plano:  Plano Link

Plano is one of the largest and definitely the best known of the Dallas suburbs.  Although still a small town of under 18,000 people in 1970, by the early 1980’s, the city had grown to almost 80,000 in population and now stands at 250,000.

Plano is located above Toll HWY 190, the outer ring road of the Greater Dallas area.   Geographically, Plano is the largest suburb in Greater Dallas, stretching over fourteen miles from east to west.  

In Dallas, Plano is known for its excellent school system.  Although the school district has suffered some setbacks in very recent years, partially due to an influx of displaced residents from New Orleans, it is widely known that Plano’s citizens will fight hard to make sure their children get the excellent education the area is so well known for.

The lifestyle in Plano is active and family oriented.  Home styles range from moderately priced ranch homes in the older, eastern parts of the city, to very large newer homes in West Plano.  Several golf neighborhoods offer moderately expensive fairway homes with long vistas over the hilly courses.   Prestonwood Country Club’s Hills Course in far West Plano is one of the most enjoyable courses in town surrounded with attractive executive homes, most with a third-car garage space for a golf cart.

Shopping along HWY 75 in East Plano, and Preston Rd. and the North Dallas Tollway in West Plano offers everything anyone could ever want.  The “Shops at Willow Bend” offers fine upscale shopping on the North Dallas Tollway.


Allen:  Allen Link

Allen is located just north of Plano, about 20 miles north of downtown Dallas along HWY 75.  Although Allen has been a small town for about 160 years, it was sparsely populated until the 1990’s when Plano began to run out of developable land.  The population now stands at approximately 77,000.

Allen is primarily a bedroom community to the North Dallas area with moderately priced to moderately expensive homes of all styles.  The Allen Independent School District is excellent and organized around individual neighborhood schools.  The lifestyle is family and community oriented with most neighborhoods having their own elementary schools, pools, community organizations and playgrounds.

Most homes in Allen date from the 1990’s and 2000’s with neighborhoods still being built in the northern and eastern sections of town.  The main shopping in the area is in downtown Allen, along HWY 75 and at the nearby Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco.


Frisco  Frisco Link 

Frisco is the northernmost large suburb on the Preston Road / North Dallas Corridor that stretches from Downtown Dallas all the way to Lake Texoma.  Until the mid 1980’s, Frisco was still a quiet farming community.  The town “boomed” beginning in the 1990’s and now boasts a population expected to be 140,000 by 2010.

The intersection of Preston Rd. and HWY 121 in Southern Frisco has become the main shopping area for Frisco, north Plano and west McKinney.  The Centre at Preston Ridge and Stonebriar Centre Mall are two beautiful  new shopping centers that have become the heart of Frisco.  Stonebriar is the largest shopping center in North Texas.

The lifestyle in Frisco is young, diverse, active and family oriented.  The schools are excellent and the city has been favored with an effective and far-sighted government.  Firsco’s minor league baseball team as well as its professional level tennis park, draw fans and athlete from all over the region. 


Fairview  and Lucas Fairview Link

Fairview is a small bedroom community on Hwy 75 just north of Allen.  Except for the relatively new adult golf and retirement community, Heritage Ranch, the town is primarily comprised of homes in developments with lot sizes of an acre or more.  The homes tend to be large and rather new. 

Fairview’s children attend schools either from either the Allen or Lucas School Districts, both of which are rated among the highest in the state.  Many people in the North Dallas area elect to move to the Lucas for the possibility of having a large lot, but,  primarily for the schools which rival those of the Highland Park School District.

The lifestyle in Lucas and Fairview is laid back and family oriented.  The community has decided to keep lot sizes large in order to maintain a small town feeling and it shows.

Shopping in the Lucas and Fairview communities will be enhanced within the next year with the completion of a huge shopping mall and plaza on Hwy 75.  The Heard Natural Science Museum and Sanctuary  is located within the town and sets the “country” feeling.


McKinney  McKinney Link


McKinney is the northernmost suburb on the Hwy 75 corridor about 35 miles north of Downtown Dallas.  The city has been the fastest growing city in the US for several years since 2000 and has a population of about 120,000.

There are two distinct districts within McKinney. 

East McKinney, east of Hwy 75, has the older neighborhoods of the city and the Downtown Square where the County Courthouse for Collin County is located.   East McKinney has beautiful older homes set on large lots under a canopy of ancient trees.  Along Hwy 75, several shopping centers and new car dealers, supply the town with its medium scale shopping.

The old town square is a bustling busy area where excellent restaurants and nightclubs are mixed with antique stores and professional offices.  This is the area where McKinney’s business takes place.

East McKinney is a great place for a young couple interested in restoring or living in an old home in a neighborhood right out of a picture book.  Many of the older neighborhoods have been preserved intact and the residents intend to maintain the comfortable lifestyle these old neighborhoods offer.

McKinney west of Hwy 75, is primarily an upscale bedroom community with several private and public golf courses, fine schools and good local shopping centers spread out among rolling tree-shaded avenues.  One of the largest planned communities in the US, Stonebridge Ranch, is located here.  The lifestyle is family oriented and sports centered.  Hiking and biking trails follow most main streets and curve around the numerous golf courses.  The scenery in West McKinney is beautiful as you drive along the main streets and avenues, all of which are landscaped including planned vistas over the golf courses and hills.

Most neighborhoods have their own elementary schools, playgrounds and pools.  Stonebridge has numerous pools and playgrounds and a unique sand beach located on a small lake.  The main thing West McKinney is known for is its numerous public and private golf courses.   McKinney s one of the few areas in the nation where you can have a beautiful home on or near the golf course, at a reasonable price.  It’s a great lifestyle.

The Far Suburbs 

Southlake   Southlake Link

Although Southlake is actually north of Fort Worth and is in Tarrant County, fully half of its residents work in Dallas and chose to drive the 45 minutes from Downtown to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle.   Southlake is known for having large family homes on half acre lots.

The town is also known for its school system.  Southlake Carroll is one of the truly superior school systems in the country and its football team has been one of the top two in the nation several times in recent years.   The educational level of the Southlake Carroll schools, rivals those of Highland Park’s schools.

As might be imagined, the lifestyle is affluent, family and school oriented.  The homes and neighborhoods tend to be upscale and built within the 1990’s or 2000’s.   Many neighborhoods are beautifully tree covered and woody.  Most will not have many trees other than those along the creekbeds or recently planted.

One of Southlake’s wonderful features is its Town Square.  Southlake Town Square is a new development designed to look and operate as an old town square.   City hall, the library, the theater, restaurants and a hundred stores are all located in Southlake Town Square.   It’s truly a wonderful lifestyle.

Westlake  Westlake link

Westlake is one of the most exclusive communities in North Texas.  Besides the Park Cities and Preston Hollow, Westlake has the highest income level in the state.  Westlake is on Hwy 114 about three miles past the Southlake Town Square.  At this point, there is no markings that show there to even be a town of Westlake.  There is just and exit on Dove Rd and a few other crossings on 114.

The homes in Westlake are very large and tend to sit on large lots.  The feeling of the area is “incomplete-rural”.  The development has been haphazard and not always flattering until Discovery Land Development built the beautiful gated community of Vaquero starting a trend in the area of more planned, responsible development.

Westlake Academy is the one public school in Westlake.  The academy is a Texas Charter School meaning that it does not have to follow the academic rules and curriculum of state or federal schools.  The curriculum is international and rigorus. 

The lifestyle in Westlake is family oriented and well healed.  Shopping is mostly in Southlake or along HWY 114 in Grapevine.

Vaquero  Vaquero Link

Vaquero is a large, very elegant gated and guarded golf community in Westlake.  The community has been developed by Discovery Land Company,  one of the nation’s most successful residential development companies for high-end developments.  Vaquero is intended to be Discovery’s’ “bell cow” community.

The lifestyle at Vaquero is exclusive.  Many Hollywood personalities and several sports stars have homes within the community.  The staff, realtors working within the community, and other residents avoid giving out the names of the residents on site at any given time. 

Although a majority of the homes within the community are the primary residences of their owners, a good percentage of the houses are second, third or fourth homes. 

Vaquero community center will arrange everything for their residents from picking up the groceries to  car washing and waxing.  The community center is part of the Vaquero Country Club in the center of the development.  The community center’s amenities include golf shop, swimming pools, dining facility, the children’s club, tennis courts, snack bar and other amenities.  Excellent off-site medium-end shopping is available in Southlake’s Town Square about four miles away.


Lake Texoma  

Rock Creek Resort  Rock Creek Link

Rock Creek Resort is a master-planned, exclusive gated community located on the Texas shores of beautiful Lake Texoma, located 80 minutes north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. With over 1,300 acres, Rock Creek will combine the best of serene lakeside living with all the amenities of an upscale resort.  Rock Creek Resort on Lake Texoma will feature a Nicklaus Design Golf Course, Yacht Club and Marina, Hotel, Clubhouse and Pro-Shop, Spa and Fitness Facilities, Tennis Court, Health Trails, Innovative Business Center and an On-site Activities Director.

At this time, Rock creek is in its early stages with only two homes being built on premiere lots.  The golf course, clubhouse and other amenities are future projects.


Tanglewood  Tanglewood Link

Tanglewood is one of the older resort communities on the Texas side of Lake Texoma; established in the fifties.  The resort benefits from its location in the hills above the lake’s premiere marina, Highport.  Tanglewood is also directly across from Lake Texomas famed sand-beach islands which are one of the primary destinations of the lake stretching for miles along its central section.  Add an 18 hole golf course and excellent dining and Tanglewood has a lot to offer.

The original style of the resort’s buildings and the lake homes spread throughout the community was contemporary rustic or “lakehouse” style that was well suited to the Oak covered hillsides of the lake.  The resort has since adopted an Italianate stucco style.

For many years, Tanglewood was a weekender only resort.  Today, about half of the residents are full time and half are weekenders.   The homes range from moderately priced fishing camps, to large homes on the golf course, to multimillion dollar mansions on acrege.

The lifestyle in the residential neighborhoods of Tanglewood is a relaxed, outdoor experience.  Children living in Tanglewood benefit from attending the schools of the Pottsboro Independent School District, which is top rated. 

As may be expected in an isolated resort community, shopping is limited.  When anything major is needed, residents drive the 8 or so miles to Hwy 75 and the Walmart.  Restaurants are also available nearby in this area. 


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