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For  Homebuyers

Dallas Buyers Agents has been representing Homebuyers exclusively since 1996.  We specialize in providing home buying services on a client basis fully representing our client’s needs and desires.

Our service areas include the most desirable neighborhoods and suburbs within the Metroplex.    We focus on the areas of the city that have good schools and responsible local government.   This focus helps assure our clients that they will enjoy a rewarding, comfortable lifestyle and the best possible resale.

For New Home Builders

For clients who are planning to build their new home, Our services include  full assistance throughout the building and design process.  Steve Ritchey has a degree in architecture and years of  experience as a designer and builder of residential projects.  We will help in the conceptual design and recommend architects and designers to perfect the home.  We will review plans with our clients and make suggestions we feel could improve the design.  We offer continuing oversight during construction and recommend the best professionals for phased inspections of the job.  We will do everything we can to insure that the building process is both efficient and fun for our clients.

For Investors                   

Dallas Buyers Agents works with Investors to make sure their real estate investment fits the specific needs of their investment strategy.  We then search out the best possible real estate investment properties that fit the client’s goals. 

We work with our investor clients in three brokerage formats:  Fee for Service, Percentage of Purchase Price and in Partnership with the investor.

We can put the client in touch with Investor Groups and Property Management Teams to make sure the property remains a valuable asset throughout its useful life.

Service Area

Our Homebuyer service area includes  The Park Cities,  North Dallas, Plano, Allen, Lucas, McKinney and Frisco as well as Southlake, Westlake, Keller and Vaquero.  We also help homebuyers find resort property on Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma border.

Our Investor service area includes most areas of far North Dallas and surrounding northern suburbs as well as Lake Texoma.


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Steve Ritchey
Steve Ritchey
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