What We Do
  • We listen. We ask questions and we listen. We want to know exactly what you want in your home.

  • We offer tools to estimate mortgage payments We offer tools such as buyer resources articles to help you thoroughly understand the home buying process and home ownership.

  • We advise you as to the best school districts and schools for your kids, about the appreciation rates and crime statistics for any neighborhood, and which ho,me may be the best fit for your family.

  • We show you where the quality homes of every price range are throughout the area, and, we disclose which neighborhoods or homes need to be avoided.

  • We then provide you with list of all available homes on the REALTOR MLS, Zillow, Trulia and all New Home lists that seem to fit your family.

  • We contact the better listing agents in the areas you want to consider to see if they have any "pocket" or unlisted homes for sale.

  • We offer our unvarnished opinions about neighborhoods, home construction, home repairs and the relative value of specific remodels you may want to do in the future.

  • We provide you with every bit of information available about your prospective home, the neighborhood and overall area. specific neighborhood information

  • We then use advanced negotiating skills to make sure we get you the home you love at the best possible price and terms.

We have extensive experience working with large scale home builders, custom builders and architects. For our clients who decide to build, we attend all new home planning meetings with the architect or builder and all phased-construction inspections where we hire the best construction inspectors in the area.

I have a degree in architecture and over 20 years of experience in residential design and construction, as well as 20 years in real estate. At Dallas Buyers Agents, we understand Homes and construction as well as the business of real estate.

 Please look over our Articles for Homebuyers, and, if you don't find the information you need, email me at steve@steveritchey.com or call me at 214-923-8535 and we'll make sure to send you the information you need.